What it looks like to SHOW UP everyday

When I say show up, what do you think?


Attend an event? Make it to work on time? Be somewhere you said you were going to be, but don’t really want to go? 

What if I told you it has more to do with your attitude? Your outlook on your day. The way in which you’ll tackle your life.

I’ve learned showing up means way more than just physically being somewhere. It means being present body, mind, spirit, and attitude for every day. 

There was a period of time, just after I moved in with my then boyfriend now husband, that I slept in until 10, lounged on the couch Netflix binging, and only left the house for groceries and date nights. It was great!

Sure, I deserved it. I’d worked for a few years after college, non-stop, trying to scrape by. Eating ramen and doing laundry at my parents. There was a huge part of me that was reveling in the fact that I had a break and I was going to soak up every second.

Soon enough, I ventured out of my hole to find a job. Even then, I would roll out of bed, not brush my hair, and dread going to work. That dread turned to exhaustion once I got home which was good for no one.

How was I going to fix this? I couldn’t continue on through life wearing yoga pants and a messy bun every day. I mean I could, but it was seriously affecting my attitude.

I would look at myself and be upset at the bags, frizzy hair, and pounds I was starting to accumulate around my middle section. I was unhappy.

Was it the job? Weight issues? The move to a new city with no friends?

It didn’t matter where I lay the blame, all I knew was it needed to change.

I tried a few different things. I worked out more. This only led to more yoga pants and messy buns. Still not quite happy. I reached out to a few new women to make friends. Busier, but still missing something.

It took me some trial, error, and time to figure out what showing up meant for me. 

It meant, every morning, I needed to wake up, do my hair, put my make up on, and dress up! That was it! I’ve always had a love for clothes and I was missing that. I was missing the confidence I gained from a killer pair of jeans and the perfect beachy curls.  

That little bit of extra made such a difference in my days. I was excited to go to work. I enjoyed getting compliments (I mean who doesn’t?). I appreciated bonding over where I got my dress from with a perfect stranger at the grocery store. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I never leave the house in yoga pants and a messy bun. It’s still by go-to uniform. But on those days where I need to wake up and tackle my HUGE To Do List, I make my winged eyeliner a little thicker and throw on my comfiest pair of heeled booties. 

So, think about your day. Do you dread the day ahead of you? Get back to the roots of what makes you happy. Is it working out? Reading? What’s going to make you want to get up every day and show up for your day? Whatever it is, find it and then try to do it every morning life gets a little too tough.


Find your reason to show up.





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  • I love this! I think whatever makes you feel most confident and ready to tackle your day is a big win! Can’t wait to see what you share next!


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