Why WhiteGold?


When you ask most people about why they decided to start a boutique they can go on and on about their loves of clothes and fashion and helping people. That’s partially me.

WhiteGold was started out of half a love of clothes and half necessity.

It’s true!

Growing up I always had a love for putting outfits together, daring to wear something standout before it was cool, and dreaming of being a fashion designer. Those dreams came to a screeching halt around the same time I showed my parents the bill to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Southern California. It was a mere $40K a year, not including room and board.

Needless to say I needed to set my sights on a more realistic goal. I ended up going to a four-year university and studying for a degree in Public Relations. This type of work came easy to me. Public speaking, writing, and planning these were all traits that somewhat came naturally, so I used my time in college to refine them. All the while still loving clothes. My friends would joke with me because I would know the names of all of the styles or types of clothing. What can I say? I love clothes!

After college I pursued a career in PR and did okay for a college graduate. I worked for a couple years in the business building up a small reputation, but that again came to a screeching halt when I met my husband.

Our relationship was a whirlwind romance. We went from meeting, to dating, to moving in together all within about 6 months. Moving in with him meant leaving behind my small reputation that I was working on, but I just had this feeling it was the right thing to do. 

Now, as many of know well, finding a job, especially a career job like public relations can be next to impossible when you tell people you’re associated with the military. “Hey hire me I’m a hard worker, but… I’m also going to be leaving in a year.” Job commitment and husband in the military just don’t always work well together.

So, there I was. Young, still wanting to work, but needing something a little more challenging than retail and still wanting to enjoy my new life with my husband. What did I do next? I thought, “Yeah start a business. Work for yourself! You’ll be great at it!” 

I’ll say this, even with my love of fashion, and PR experience, starting and running a business is hard. I hit a lot of bumps when starting up. Hell, I’m still hitting a lot of bumps, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I started WhiteGold half out of necessity and half out of a love for fashion. What keeps me working hard with WhiteGold is the joy I get when I see a woman find a fabulous dress at a great price. The empowerment when I see a woman’s confidence bloom wearing the perfect romper. The chance to help women find the pieces of who they are in the clothes that I sell and see how they put together to express the strong, resilient, stunning women they are.

So, that’s why I started and why I stayed with this business. To bring affordable fashion, supportive advice, and a sense of community to the women I meet every day. Thank you!


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