WhiteGold Boutique Brand Ambassadors


Hello, ladies! Thank you so much for your interest in WhiteGold’s Ambassador program! Welcome to the first launch of our Ambassador program! We are so excited about this launch and we hope you are too!! Before you apply we want to make sure that we are the perfect fit for each other so we ask that you read all the guidelines, as well as fill out our questionnaire

We only have select slots available for brand ambassadors each season so we can keep a close watch and truly get to know you wonderful ladies!

Current & Future Brand Ambassador Opportunities:


 Applications Open: September 9th– September 16th

 Active Duration: September 17th- December 30th


Applications Open: December 20th- December 31st

Active Duration: January 1st- March 31st


Applications Open: March 20th- March 30th

Active Duration: April 1st– June 30th


Applications Open: June 20th– June 29th

Active Duration: July 1st- September 30th


Applications Open: September 20th- September 29th

Active Duration: October 1st– December 31st 


Who is a WhiteGold Boutique Brand Ambassador?

An influencer for WhiteGold brand loves our style and our mission. They happily share it with their friends/followers across multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.) They maintain an upbeat and positive social media presence when promoting WhiteGold boutique. They should possess a sense of style that is in keeping with WhiteGold Boutique brand.


How does it work & what is in it for me?

You as an ambassador will receive 20% (regular priced items only) off code for personal only. You will have a 15% (shoes/sale items excluded) off code for your friends/followers so they can shop to their hearts content! We will track every time your code is used and for every $100 spent using your code, you will receive a free item in your next purchase. Your code and your followers code will stay active as long as the brand ambassador guidelines are being met.


As a WhiteGold brand ambassador you will play a key role in building our companies vision. Which is to show women how comfortable their own skin can be! You will actively play a significant role in increasing our brand awareness & customer engagement across multiple social media platforms over the duration.


Being apart of our brand ambassador program is a great way to jumpstart your career being an ambassador. Giving you the opportunity to write/publish blogs, create meaningful social media posts and capture quality photos/videos for personal use as well as use on WhiteGold’s various social media platforms.




  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • Instagram must be PUBLIC & all photos/videos must be available for us to use.
  • To maintain your WhiteGold Boutique Ambassador perks; we must see you post at least 4 posts a month (Instagram, Instagram stories, Facebook group). WhiteGold Boutique must be exclusively tagged in your post. In addition to your posts you must publish an unboxing/try on session on your story (Instagram or Facebook story). Tagging WhiteGold in the story.
  • Must tag @whitegold_boutique in all posts as well as #WhiteGoldWoman
  • Your followers/friend’s coupon code must be visible on your profile (whether a highlight or in bio). As well as being added to the captions of your posts.
  • Appropriate content. Please remain respectful and endorse WhiteGold Boutique in a positive way by sharing your fashion inspirations to your audience.
  • All posts must be high quality & clear images. Garments must be fully shown 

Application Questions: 

Name (first, last):


Social Media Links(include blog if applicable):

Are you a Military Spouse?:

Have you shopped with us before?:

How did you hear about WhiteGold Boutique?

Tell us about your style! What are you drawn to?:

What items would you like to see in WhiteGold?:

Why would you like to become a WhiteGold Ambassador?:

How will you use your various social media platforms to promote WhiteGold?:

Have you read all of the WhiteGold Ambassador guidelines? Do you agree to abide by them? If not, it will result in the termination of your ambassador status.

Typical sizing?:





Feel free to share anything else that makes you, you!